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For the faction see, see Orgrimmar (faction).
Horde Orgrimmar
勢力 Horde
人口 14,000[1] - 16,000[2]
統治者 Warchief Thrall
政府の形態 Tribal chiefdom
種族 Orc MaleOrc Female Orc (11,200)

Troll MaleTroll Female Jungle troll (1,820-1,680[3])
Tauren MaleTauren Female Tauren (1,680)
Undead MaleUndead Female Forsaken (700)
Blood Elf MaleBlood Elf Female Blood elf (N/A)
Goblin MaleGoblin Female Goblin (N/A)

場所 Northern Durotar [46, 12]
Rewards ファイル:IconSmall Wolf.gif Wolf mounts (rare and epic)
位置Lands of Kalimdor Durotar

Orgrimmar[46, 12] は、orctroll 達の首都 である。

Durotar の北の果てにて、その姿を確認する事ができ、orcish Warchief, Thrall の本拠地として印象深い。

全ての首都には、銀行, class および professiontrainer、そしてオークションハウスが存在する。

Description 編集

Orgrimmar has been the central hub of the orc community since the end of the Third War. The city was founded by Thrall and named after his friend and mentor, the former Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer. It is a fortified complex guarded by stout walls, massive gates and tall towers. The mountainous ranges of northern Durotar form a natural barrier to the rear of the fortress, and parts of the complex are carved into the mountain itself.

Orgrimmar is openly hospitable to all members of the Horde and is an important center of commerce. Visitors may fly into the city by way of zeppelin or wyvern, or simply walk through the fortress’s main gates.LoM 41

People and culture 編集

Although orcs comprise the majority of the city’s inhabitants, there is a strong troll presence here as well, primarily in the Valley of Spirits. The simple, rustic architecture of the orcs is used to maximum effect, creating a network of wooden towers and mud-hut style structures. The Horde races also use Orgrimmar as a center of trade, not only of physical goods, but ideas as well. For example, a number of different holidays are celebrated here, including a tauren festival for the winter solstice and a number of others.

Orgrimmar TCG.jpg

"Orgrimmar was founded in the valleys and caverns of northern Durotar as the new home of the orchish race and the capital of the Horde." - Explorers' Guide to Kalimdor

Although Thrall’s “new Horde” turns away from demonic influence and the brutish aggression that it was once known for, some remnants of the Horde’s darker days linger. It is rumored that the Burning Blade steadily infiltrates Orgrimmar via underground tunnels beneath the city, in the Cleft of Shadows, a dark cavern where warlocks and rogues dwell.

The most significant figure in Orgrimmar is undoubtedly Warchief Thrall himself.LoM 41

Geography 編集

Orgrimmar is located in the far north of Durotar, at the foothills of the mountain range that separates Durotar from Azshara. Several valleys have been dug out from the mountain and provide a way of naturally dissecting the city into various zones, including the Valley of Spirits, Valley of Strength, Valley of Wisdom, and the Valley of Honor. Several specialty shops are found in the Drag, a dark pathway that leads from the Valley of Strength to the Valley of Honor. Those searching for potions or training in the darker arts of the rogue or warlock find a tunnel leading down to the Cleft of Shadow from the Drag.LoM 42

History 編集

Thrall led the orcs to the continent of Kalimdor, where they founded a new homeland with the help of their tauren brethren. Naming their new land Durotar after Thrall's murdered father, the orcs settled down to rebuild their once-glorious society. The demonic curse on their kind ended, the Horde changed from a bloodthirsty, warlike juggernaut into more of a loose coalition, dedicated to survival and prosperity rather than conquest. Aided by the noble tauren and the cunning trolls of the Darkspear tribe, Thrall and his orcs looked forward to a new era of peace in their own land.

Talon Gate.jpg

Exterior view of the Talon Gate

From there, they began the creation of the great warrior city, Orgrimmar. Named after the former Warchief, Orgrim Doomhammer, the new city was constructed in a short amount of time, with the aid of goblins, tauren, trolls, and the Mok'Nathal Rexxar. Despite having some problems with the centaur, harpies, enraged thunder lizards, kobolds, evil orcish warlocks, quilboars, Orgrimmar prospered in the end and became home to the orcs and Darkspear Trolls.

Today, Orgrimmar lies at the base of a mountain between Durotar and Azshara. A warrior city indeed, it is home to countless amounts of orcs, trolls, tauren, and an increasing amount of Forsaken are now joining the city, as well as the blood elves who have recently been accepted into the Horde.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm編集

Cata このセクションは Cataclysm に関する項目です。
Orgrimmar Cataclysm Trailer.jpg

An orc guarding the gate.

Orgrimmar will receive a makeover with reinforced metal in the style of Warsong Hold.

Valleys 編集

The majority of Orgrimmar is divided into “valleys” that function like the neighborhoods in an Alliance city. Each of these valleys houses different types of people, shops, and the like.LoM 42 The city is divided into natural valleys and shaped around the curving terrain of northern Durotar. The central valley is usually considered the economic heart of the region. This area is teeming with all sorts of activity, due to the proximity of both the auction house, bank, city inn and flight master.


Detailed map of Orgrimmar.

Notable characters 編集

主な記事: Orgrimmar NPCs

From his throne in the Valley of Wisdom, Warchief Thrall currently rules with the continuing support of the elder far seer Zor Lonetree and the Darkspear hero Vol'jin. Together they form a wise and noble leadership, hopefully capable of guiding the Horde in the upcoming conflicts with opposing factions such as the Alliance, Scourge and Burning Legion. While regarding the latter two as nothing but vile enemies, which they are, Thrall is attempting to repair the Horde's relationship with the Alliance. However, animosity between these factions remain. The continued aggression of the Kul'Tiras forces from their base in Tiragarde, combined with several incidents on Azeroth's northernmost continent, have clearly indicated not everyone is keen on pursuing peace.

Quests 編集

主な記事: Orgrimmar quests
See also: Orgrimmar questing guide

主要施設 編集

  • 銀行 は、the Valley of Strength の中心にあります。
  • オークションハウス は、the Valley of Strength の東の端に建っています。銀行と、wind rider master を正面に見て右手側です。
  • Wind Rider Master は 銀行の北、the Valley of Strength にある塔の上に立っています。
  • The City Hall は、the Valley of Strength の西側に建っています。
  • The Officers' Lounge is situated on the precipice overlooking the Valley of Strength just east from the Valley of Spirits.
  • 郵便ポスト は、Orgrimmar 銀行の入り口と、the Drag から the Valley of Honor に入る門の側に置いてあります。

長距離移動用の施設 編集


入港準備中の zeppelin 飛行船


Horde Icon Small.gif Thunder Bluff
Horde Icon Small.gif Bloodvenom Post
Horde Icon Small.gif Valormok
Horde Icon Small.gif Splintertree Post
Horde Icon Small.gif The Crossroads
Horde Icon Small.gif Brackenwall Village
Neutral 15.gif Everlook
Neutral 15.gif Gadgetzan


Horde Icon Small.gif The Undercity
Horde Icon Small.gif Grom'gol Base Camp
Horde Icon Small.gif Warsong Hold WotLK
Horde Icon Small.gif Thunder Bluff

Portal WotLK編集

Neutral 15.gif Stair of Destiny

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