Abilities tables 編集

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Inherent Abilities編集

Ability Category Level Mana Range Description
Parry Defense 1 0 Gives a chance to Parry enemy melee attacks.
Auto Shoot Marksmanship 1 0 5 - 35 Automatically shoots the target until cancelled.
Throw Thrown 1 0 5 - 30 Hurl a thrown weapon at the target. Not typically used by hunters.
Raptor Strike Survival 1 15 5 A strong attack that increases melee damage by +X.
Call Pet Beast Mastery 10 0 Self Only Summons your pet to your side.
Tame Beast Beast Mastery 10 0 30 Tames a beast to be your companion.
Dismiss you pet Beast Mastery 10 0 10 Dismiss your pet. Dismissing a pet causes a -50 drop in happiness level.
Revive Pet Beast Mastery 10 0 Self Revive your pet, returning it to life with X% of its health.
Feed Pet Beast Mastery 10 0 10 Feed your pet the selected item.
Beast Training Beast Training 10 0

Self Only

Lets the Hunter train his pet with various abilities that he has learned either from a Pet Trainers or by observing other pets utilizing the skill.